The "Juniorprofessur" for macroeconomics and labor market research works on evaluating the macroeconomic effects of labor market policies and institutions both in Germany and internationally. Prof. Dr. Britta Gehrke was appointed jointly by the

  • the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU)


  • the Institute for Employment Research (IAB).


Please see here for more information on Britta Gehrke. You will further find information on research projects and teaching.



09/05/2017 In the winter term 2017-18, Heiko Stüber and I will again offer the seminar "Labor Markets: A Macroeconomic Perspective". The syllabus including the seminar topics can be found here. Please note that the lecture room changed. We meet in LG 0.225. Due to construction works, we have to start in the second week of the semester (October 24).
02/01/2017 The new syllabus for "Macroeconomic Methods: Applications to Monetary Policy" for the summer term 2017 can be found here.
09/21/2016 In winter term 2016-17, I  will offer a seminar on "Labor Markets: A Macroeconomic Perspective" (joint with Heiko Stüber, Syllabus).